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Anne Marie Mercado
Athletic Director
328 Vine Street
Hammonton, NJ 08037
609 561-8700 Ext. 204

Champions on & off the field.

Athletic programs are an integral part of St. Joseph Academy’s approach to developing the whole student. We provide positive experiences that will enable students to grow physically, mentally, socially and emotionally to reach their full potential by using their God-given natural abilities. Athletics cultivates invaluable lessons about leadership, teamwork, competition and helps develop healthy habits for life. Our programs play a vital role in ensuring our students are exemplary citizens, both on and off the field.

Hard work, grit and the will to persevere have been the cornerstones of our programs and set us apart from our competition. We are proud of our athletic success but especially proud of the character every student displays and the confidence they have to bring their faith to the field.

St. Joseph Academy has well-educated, experienced and dedicated coaches to ensure our athletes refine their skills and achieve their dreams. They don’t take their roles lightly and focus on the person as well as the player. As leaders and motivators our coaches make each student’s individual goals a priority. We’ve successfully created an athletics program that the entire student body and community can be proud of.

St. Joseph Field Hockey


Coach: Kassidy Wentzell
E: wentzellkass@gmail.com

Our field hockey program is structured to develop strength, speed and stick skills through organized drills and conditioning. Coach Wentzell also focuses on positioning, passing and shooting mastery. Playing opportunities including competitive scrimmages and tournaments.

St. Joseph Cheerleading


Coach: Alyssa Mascioli-Vega
E: amascioli12@yahoo.com

Participation in our Cheerleading Squad builds self-confidence, teaches sportsmanship and helps creates lasting friendships. In addition to physical conditioning, our coaches also help develop the mental attitude necessary to bring the St. Joseph spirit to every game and event.

St. Joseph Football


Coach: Paul Sacco
E: psacco@stjoseph.academy

Our football team has a well-deserved, excellent reputation and attracts the attention of universities and colleges nationwide. Coach Sacco stresses running mechanics, acceleration complexes and agility drills for every position. We go beyond the physical by helping our athletes develop mental strength and composure.

St. Joseph Soccer


Boys Coach: Michel Sutts
E: msutts@hotmail.com
Girls Coach: Wes Raywood
E: wesleyraywood@gmail.com 

St. Joseph Academy’s soccer program is a perfect opportunity for those who want to improve their game. Our Coaches provide individual and team strategies for speed adjustment, agility, balance, juggling and positioning in order to maintain ultimate control over the ball.

St. Joseph Basketball


Boys Coach: Paul Rodio Jr.
E: prodio@stjoseph.academy
Girls Coach: Matt O’Keefe
E: mj_okeefe@knights.neumann.edu

Our basketball Coaches bring innovative and progressive drills to utilize the skills and meet the needs of every player on the court. Practice is conducted under game-like conditions to fine-tune shooting techniques, as well as defense and offense strategies. Athletes also work on dribbling, passing, footwork and finishing.

St. Joseph Wrestling


Coach: Joseph Melchiore
E: stjoewildcatwrestling@gmail.com

Having an unbreakable mindset is at the core of our wrestling team success. Coach Melchiore teaches the proper techniques and maneuvers for every situation and motivates our athletes to continuously achieve new goals. He is dedicated to instilling healthy, dietary self-disciplined lifestyles.

St. Joseph Golf


Coach: Sam Curico
E: scurcio@stjoseph.academy

St. Joseph Academy’s golf team provides a fantastic, confidence boosting experience. Coach Curico sharpens flexibility, mobility and agility skills to bring games to a new level. In addition to the fundamentals, training also includes teaching of techniques to improve focus, awareness and mental imagery.

St. Joseph Softball


Coach: Les Olson
E: ols375@aol.com 

Coach Olson ensures his team is well-prepared by training in all areas of the game. Focuses include conditioning and field drills, mechanics, footwork, understanding the strike zone and windmill pitching. He also places emphasis on base-running abilities, an often-overlooked skill needed on the field.

St. Joseph Baseball


Coach: Nick Core
E: ncore5454@gmail.com

Our coach brings a wealth of experience to our baseball program. He helps our students hone their hand-eye coordination, improve their physical endurance, develop their mental game and fine-tune muscle-memory. His approach supports the development of team synergy as well as individual skills.