Developing the next generation of women leaders is something St. Joseph Academy takes great pride in doing. The Women’s Institute In Leadership and Development is a club designed to help our young women become lifelong leaders and scholars while promoting college and career development. St. Joseph Academy provides meaningful experiences by exposing them to positive role models, internships, and opportunities to participate in community activities. W.I.L.D. empowers our girls to achieve their goals, take responsibility for their lives, and become strong, confident young ladies. 

Over the past month, our W.I.L.D. program has worked to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer, by creating gift bags for cancer treatment centers. Throughout the school year, our young women will have opportunities to shadow women in leadership positions in various industries. 

W.I.L.D is just another reason why St. Joseph Academy is the leading co-educational private school in South Jersey! 

I want my daughter to grow into a woman who doesn’t feel competition with other women,  but instead cheers loudly for them.  Who is confident enough in her own skin to help other women feel the same.  Yes, I hope my daughter climbs to the top of the mountain, and then declares there’s plenty of room up there for more bold women because she knows, together, they can change the world.  – Angela Anagnost-Repke, Writer.