Calling all 8th grade Valedictorians & Salutatorians students!

We’re honored to announce a remarkable scholarship opportunity. A generous donor has stepped up to inspire the “best-of-the best” students to join our community of advanced learners and achievers as we continue to take our school to the highest level of academic achievement.

As we build towards the future, we are proud to welcome students of the highest caliber. Our curriculum features global leadership opportunities, college courses, challenging AP classes, and rigorous academics. Our student body is led by dedicated students, inspired leaders, faithful friends, and Wildcats ready to change the world.


  • Valedictorians:  Any student who has earned the distinction of Valedictorian of his/her 8th grade class will earn a $3,000 scholarship.
  • Salutatorians:  Any student who has earned the distinction of Salutatorian of his/her 8th grade class will earn a $2,000 scholarship.
  • Outstanding Student Award:  8th grade school principals may nominate an outstanding student who may not be ranked as Valedictorian / Salutatorian but exhibits academic excellence, leadership inside the classroom and out, special talents, and exceptional service to others. This student will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

These scholarships are renewable for all 4 years the student attends SJA as long as they maintain a 3.0 GPA and participate in co-curricular activities. Leadership and exemplary behavior are essential.

We look forward to honoring these exceptional students. More importantly, we look forward to the difference they will make in the world with the skills, schooling, and service attributes they will learn at St. Joseph Academy.

For additional information, please contact Kristi Schleyer at