St. Joseph Academy is positioning itself to be at the forefront of an educational movement. Simple logic tells us that memorization and content delivery will no longer serve our students and the world they stand to inherit. Recent studies predict that roughly 70% of our students are destined for jobs that don’t yet exist. Yet, few schools have managed to pivot and evolve their Academic Programs.

At St. Joseph Academy, our courses are taught differently. We are changing what and more importantly how we teach. Our teachers focus more intently on skill development and student engagement than they do on delivering content. This is accomplished by mapping skill development and skill acquisition throughout the curriculum and across grade levels. Our teachers also prioritize experiential and interdisciplinary learning, and wherever possible give students a voice in their own learning.  

Foundational Skills 

St. Joseph Academy believes that foundational skills are critical in a student’s development. A focus on the acquisition of foundational skills exists throughout the entire curriculum but are at the core of the Freshman and Sophomore Curriculum.

  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Note Taking
  • Study Skills
  • Self Expression
  • Multitasking
  • Strategy Development
  • Information Management
  • Schedule Planning

Real-World Skills

The real-world skills below are critical for young people to navigate a very complex world that is presented to them. The acquisition of these skills is present throughout the entirety of the St. Joseph Academy curriculum. Armed with these skills, Saint Joseph Academy graduates are poised to succeed in the 21st Century World.

  • Creativity | Fine Arts Requirement
  • Cultural Competency | Global Encounters Curriculum
  • Collaborative Problem Solving | Project-Based Learning
  • Critical Thinking – Across the Curriculum
  • Ethical Decision Making | Social Justice, Morality
  • Effective Communication | Foundations of Public Speaking & Writing
  • Leadership Skills | WILD (Women In Leadership Development). Senior Seminar