Student Schedules:
All registered student schedules are being prepared. Students should receive them in the next three weeks.
COVID-19/School Schedule:

Saint Joseph Academy is closely following the guidelines of the State of New Jersey, the CDC, and local public health officials in preparation for school opening and operations.

We are partnering with a professional cleaning company to safely and securely disinfect and clean our campus. More information forthcoming.
School will reopen in September for full-time instruction. You will be advised of the schedule (in-seat; hybrid; remote) we will follow in August.

For Your Information:
Daily temperature checks and screenings will be administered.

All administration, faculty, staff, and students will wear face masks. More information forthcoming.

Students will not be issued lockers but will be required to have a book bag that will hold all belongings. All personal items must be kept in these bags. Only devices used for technology will be permitted on desks in the classrooms.

Students are encouraged to use their own laptop, chrome book, or tablet. We must keep in mind that complete virtual learning could happen at any time. A phone may not be sufficient for the amount and quality of work necessary during a full school day.

All students are required to attend a full school day whether in-seat or remotely.

Attendance and lateness will be noted for each class and recorded as usual.
Yearly Calendar:
The 2020-2021 school year will most likely have a one week to ten day delay. We will keep you updated on this website. When the date is finalized, we will distribute the yearly calendar. It will ensure that Saint Joseph Academy is in session 180 school days and will closely follow those calendars you have used before