A private school education can open the door to a brighter future. We’re breaking down the top 5 advantages here.
In August, as the pandemic continued and parents faced the difficult decision of where their children would be best supported for the start of another school year, Time Magazine reported a growing trend. Across the U.S., parents were pulling their kids from public schools and putting them into private ones.

The pandemic hasn’t been the only thing spurring the growth of the private school system, however. There are currently about 35,000 private schools in the country, offering an individualized and high-quality education to students at all grade levels. When evaluating their increased popularity, it is easy to see why parents are increasingly choosing this option for their children. Here are some of the most commonly named benefits.

  • Higher standards for academic excellence – At private schools, more students are enrolled in advanced-level courses, keeping as many doors open as possible for their post-secondary schooling choices. We believe that when we raise the bar for students, they will rise to meet it. Private schools can push this initiative, further nurturing natural talents, intellect, curiosity and development.
  • Wholistic education – Private schools work to grow and nurture well-rounded students. They provide opportunities for personal, civic, and social growth, as well as unique experiences that extend well beyond the classroom, including unique leadership experiences.
  • Specialized teachers – Because private school teachers have more autonomy in a private school classroom, they can teach to specific learning styles and cater to the individualized learning needs of each student. They can also adjust to offer instruction in the way their classes best receive it at any given time.
  • Individualized attention – While class sizes in public schools are rapidly expanding, private schools are able to offer smaller class sizes, and therefore more one-on-one instruction and attention for students.
  • Additional opportunities for parent involvement – Private schools not only offer students additional, specialized opportunities…they offer parents much the same as well. While parent/school involvement in a public-school setting can be difficult, private schools can offer increased opportunities for support. They rely on regular assistance from parents and promote consistent parent/teacher communication to assist with common goals. Being an involved parent can make a big difference for your child. You should always have a hand in their education, college preparatory measures, and extracurricular decisions.

Selecting the right school for your child is an important decision that can impact their future significantly. We hope to remove the pressure from that process by being open and available for your questions as you explore. Around here, we view a quality education as something that can pay dividends for an entire lifetime. To learn more about St. Joseph Academy, schedule a tour or have general inquiries, please visit our Contact Us page.