Saint Joseph Academy (SJA) is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with the Town of Hammonton to develop a new turf field located at the Hammonton Recreational Complex at 1111 Moss Mill Road. The field will be available to host football, boys’ and girls’ soccer and lacrosse, field hockey practices, and other sports-related games and events.

Pursuant to the agreement, the new turf field will be shared by SJA’s athletic teams and Hammonton youth organizations and provide a superior playing surface. The field is being designed to enhance the overall fan experience for devoted parents, athletes, students, and general community and will include new seating, a press box, and additional features.

The field will provide an optimal playing experience, in all weather conditions, for student-athletes and demonstrates SJA’s and Hammonton’s commitment to providing athletes with the safety and performance they need to perform at their best. Since most professional teams play on full field turf surfaces, this will also help condition athletes who plan to compete in college or the next level.

“Through our partnership with the Town of Hammonton, the new turf field will greatly improve the playing experience for SJA’s student-athletes and Hammonton’s youth athletes,” according to Jeff Umosella, SJA’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees. “We’re extremely excited to get started on the construction. It’s a project that will undoubtedly enhance and contribute to the continued success of SJA and Hammonton. I sincerely thank the Mayor and Town Council, among others, for their vision and cooperation on this project.”

The Hammonton Recreation Complex agreement sets forth an initial term of 25 years, with the ability to renew for 10 additional years. The new field is expected to be completed in time for the fall 2022 sports season.