Looking back over the last four years, what has been the most rewarding part of being a part of the St. Joseph Academy Community?

Seeing how special St. Joseph Academy truly is from the perspective of a  graduating senior has been, hands down, a surreal experience. It goes without saying, that you do not completely understand how far you’ve come until you take a step back and reflect. Aside from the countless relationships that I have forged over the years, St. Joseph Academy has laid the foundation for the man I am today. 

If Zachary Cruet today could speak to Zachary Cruet entering his Freshman Year at St. Joseph Academy, what pearls of wisdom would you bestow upon him and all our current Wildcats? 

Say “thank you” more. Tell the teachers and faculty members of St. Joseph Academy who, day in and day out, worked tirelessly to put each student in a position to succeed and never expected anything in return, “thank you.” Tell the coaches that believed in you through all the trials and tribulations on the field and off the field, “thank you.” Most importantly tell your parents who sacrificed more than you would ever know to give you the opportunity to attend an institution such as St. Joseph Academy “thank you.”

Can you recount a memorable experience (or experiences) during your time as a student at St. Joseph Academy? What made this moment so memorable and impactful?

 Aside from the countless memories I have while competing on the football field, some of my favorite memories at St. Joseph Academy came from participating in our student life events. Being an athlete, I did not have many opportunities to join my Wildcats in the fan section during games, but being able to enjoy time with my classmates during field days will be what I remember the most.