The College and School Counseling Department at St. Joseph’s Academy is thrilled to announce that it has established several partnerships with the following local colleges and universities: St. Francis University, Neumann University, Holy Family University, Immaculata University, Delaware Valley University, and East Stroudsburg.). These agreements provide additional merit money and guaranteed admissions for our SJA students based on their GPA’s and coursework over the last three years.

St. Joseph’s Academy has a long-standing commitment to providing its students with the best possible education and opportunities for success. These partnerships are a testament to this commitment, and the college counseling department is proud to work with these outstanding institutions.

Guaranteed admissions to these partnering universities are incredibly important for SJA students for several reasons!

Guaranteed admissions provide a sense of security for students who are looking to pursue higher education. It can be daunting to apply to colleges and universities, especially if a student is unsure of whether they will be accepted. By having guaranteed admissions, students can focus on their academic performance and extracurricular activities, rather than worrying about whether they will be accepted to their desired institution.

It alleviates financial stress for students and their families. College can be an expensive investment, and it can be challenging for families to plan financially without knowing whether their child will be accepted into their desired college or university. By having guaranteed admissions, families can plan ahead with the knowledge that their child will be attending a particular institution, and can better prepare for the costs associated with their education.

Guaranteed admissions can be used as a motivational tool for students to perform their best academically. Knowing that they have a guaranteed spot at a particular college or university can encourage students to work harder in their classes and strive for academic excellence. This can help students develop important study habits and skills that will serve them well in college and beyond.

Overall, guaranteed admissions to these partnering universities provide important benefits for SJA students, including a sense of security, financial stability, and academic motivation. It is a valuable opportunity for students to pursue higher education and achieve their goals.

St. Joseph’s Academy is delighted to provide these opportunities for its students and looks forward to continuing to work with these colleges and universities in the years to come. The partnerships between these institutions and SJA will undoubtedly provide a pathway to higher education and success for many deserving students.