School-Year Stress: Considerations & Coping Strategies

2021-02-22T11:24:44-05:00December 15th, 2020|

Tactics to boost teenagers’ emotional well-being in a pandemic environment

There’s no doubt that teaching is a truly rewarding and challenging career path. This year, however, the typical challenges that teachers face have been far surpassed. Educators are juggling more than ever before—and working with students who have new emotional needs in a pandemic learning environment.

For parents, too, this year brings with it a lot of uncertainty, forcing them to step into uncharted territories while trying to ensure that their children receive the same level of education that has been afforded in years prior. These are critical years—when much college prep is done. They are moments in time that deserve full […]

Advantages of a Private vs. Public Education

2021-02-22T11:25:44-05:00December 11th, 2020|

A private school education can open the door to a brighter future. We’re breaking down the top 5 advantages here.
In August, as the pandemic continued and parents faced the difficult decision of where their children would be best supported for the start of another school year, Time Magazine reported a growing trend. Across the U.S., parents were pulling their kids from public schools and putting them into private ones.

The pandemic hasn’t been the only thing spurring the growth of the private school system, however. There are currently about 35,000 private schools in the country, offering an individualized and high-quality education to students at all grade levels. When […]

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