The painting of St. Joseph in church Chiesa di Santa Maria del Porto

Saint Joseph Academy is a private, coeducational secondary school which fosters high standards in academics, athletics, and service to others. Students are challenged to lead lives which cultivate a lifelong love for learning, honor, and excellence.
As a center of knowledge and human development which is rooted in the Catholic tradition, Saint Joseph Academy provides for the spiritual, physical, and social growth of its students, faculty, and administration. Our curriculum seeks to ensure that Christ’s example of compassion and understanding is fully expressed in every facet of our program.
With a focus on real-world issues and through the appropriate use of technology, Saint Joseph Academy will provide students with authentic learning experiences which will effect positive change for peace and justice in our world. Global citizenry is a reality that both educators and students must responsibly investigate and promote. At a time when mankind’s potential for worldwide cooperation faces some of its greatest problems, the generation now in high school will make decisions whose consequences can’t be overstated. Active involvement, higher order thinking skills, and education beyond the confines of the classroom are essential elements for meeting and solving the critical questions of the twenty-first century.
The Saint Joseph Academy Team believes that young men and women with strong moral character and excellent college and career education will excel in their chosen paths. Saint Joseph Academy encourages a strong sense of personal responsibility among its students and welcomes committed parental partnerships as integral components to a successful and fulfilling school experience.
We are proud of our past; focused on our present; and confidently planning for our future!

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