We all want our children to be happy and to have the lives and careers they want. We want them to do well in school, respect teachers, get along with others, feel safe, and feel that they belong to a community. We want them to be able to explore what interests and excites them and have opportunities to learn and get better with their skills and talents.

There is more to school than academics, and there is more to life. Children grow into adulthood with interests in the areas that will draw their time and talents. While they strive for intellectual development and the knowledge of the topics they will pursue professionally as adults, they also want to have fun. St. Joseph Academy offers a complement of opportunities for exploring those activities that round out a school experience. 

Creating an environment where our students can experience different social events is imperative to their development. Having a social community and nurturing social connections is critical for our student’s social and emotional growth. Having good social circles and growing friendships can have many benefits such as sharing knowledge; building up social skills; and reducing anxiety levels.

Opportunities to get involved does not stop with our athletic programs. St. Joseph Academy prides itself on the numerous clubs and extra-curricular events geared toward forging bonds that will last a lifetime.  

Whether it is through our club programs, student life events or the subtle shared experience with a like-minded student, St. Joseph Academy is building a culture of inclusion rooted in our mission of Faith, Family, and Future.